Amblyseius cucumeris (2 ltr) - 100,000

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  • Thrip Free Crops Always Have Greater Yields.
  • Mites are shipped as adults and are packed in a wheat bran
  • formulation for easy d
Amblyseius cucumeris (= Neoseiulus cucumeris)

This thrips predator feeds on the young stages of thrips primarily, as the adults are too large for them to kill. Therefore, release cucumeris when thrips populations are low (monitor thrips population withsticky blue traps), and allow several weeks for the predators to be effective.

Ideal conditions are 66-80 degrees F and a relative humidity of 65-72 percent. These predators are most effective from March to November. Cucumeris are shipped as adults in a bran formulation. Use in conjunction with thrips pupae predator Hypoaspis for improved control.

At 75ø F, Amblyseius cucumeris eggs mature to adult in 6-9 days. First and second stage nymphs and adults are predacious. Adults are beige-pink in color and live approximately 20 days.

Release rates:
For Greenhouse Crops: 50-100 predators per cucumber plant; 10-100 per pepper plant
Bedding and potted Plants: 1,000 per 1,000 square feet
Tropical Plants: 1,000 per 150-200 square feet
Beneficial mites should be placed at the base of plants to ensure maximun efficiency. Repeat releases as needed. Availability: year-round.

To release, gently tumble the container to mix the contents and shake the predators onto leaves or growing media in contact with the plant stem close to thirps infestations.

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