Dr.T's Snake-A-Way, 4 lbs

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  • Effective on poisonous and non-poisonous snakes
  • University tested, EPA Registered
  • Almost 100% efficacy during gulf war.

As SAW's active ingredient vaporizes, it is brought into the sensory receptor (Jacobsons organ) and creates an immediate negative response.

Dr.T's Snake-A-Way is highly effective on poisonous and non-poisonous snakes for 2 to 3 months--not destroyed by rain! University tested, EPA Registered and a patented product. As a snake approaches the product its sensory perception is alerted and the snake turns away leaving the area.

Does Snake-A-Way Really work? You can be confident with the use of SAW. It's efficacy reached over 83% in laboratory testing and is at almost 100% with field studies that all 4 branches of the military ran during the gulf war.

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