Earthworm Castings, 5 lbs

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This odorless organic material is rich in slow release nutrients containing more calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium than regular potting soils. Castings also contain a high percentage of humus and humic acid, an ingredient which provides binding sites for plant nutrients and aids in the prevention of harmful plant pathogens, fungi, nematodes and bacteria. 

Earthworm castings improve the aeration and water retention abilities of your soil. Earthworm castings will last up to six times longer than other potting soils which makes it a superior soil for greenhouse or house plants as well as a planting soil for trees, garden crops, ornamentals, shrubs and flowers.

Earthworm castings will not burn delicate seedlings or other plants. 

Apply 2 Tbs/6" potted plant; 30 lbs. treats 1,000 sq. ft. 

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