Encarsia formosa - 5,000 (5 strips)

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  • Parasitic Wasps
  • Control Whiteflies

Finally! Relief From Whitefly!

Use a beneficial insect team approach!

Whitefly Parasite
Encarsia formosa

These tiny parasitic wasps provide excellent control of greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) and limited control of sweet potato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci). Each adult Encarsia lays 100-200 eggs and each egg will kill one whitefly larva. The wasp develops inside the whitefly nymphs and emerges after 20 days. Use sticky traps for detection and monitoring.

Encarsia formosa are shipped on strips (10 squares on each strip) that contain parasitized whitefly scale and more than 1,000 Encarsia. Release the wasps at the first sign of whitefly.

Release rates:
for greenhouse tomatoes and peppers, 1 Encarsia/4 plants weekly for 8-10 weeks.
cucumbers, one/2 plants weekly for 8-10 weeks
poinsettias, two/plant weekly, 8-12 weeks.

Release upon receipt to ensure full potency.
Minimum order: 1,000.
Availability: year-round.
Can be used in conjunction with Green Lacewing and Delphastus.

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