Eretmocerus californicus- whitefly parasitoid - 3,000

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  • Whitefly Parasite
  • Control Sweet Potato Whitefly
  • Control Silverleaf Whitefly
Whitefly Parasite
(Eretmocerus nr. californicus)

These tiny parasitic wasps control sweet potato whitefly and silverleaf whitefly in greenhouse and outdoor crops. Eretmocerus are shipped as eggs packed in bran. Simply sprinkle the mixture into leaf axils or around the base of plants. Wasps usually hatch within 1-2 days. Be aware that ants can carry off the eggs. Eretmocerus can be stored at 40 degrees F for 2-3 days if you do not release them immediately upon arrival. However, it is always best to apply beneficials as soon as you receive them.

Application rates: the same as for Encarsia formosa or call a Biocontrol Network consultant to be sure.

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