Fertrell #3, Liquid Fish & Seaweed, 2-1-1, gal, 4/case

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Seaweed and Fish-Based Foliar Plant Food

Liquid Fertrell 3 Seaweed & Fish Based Fertilizer Supplement is a balanced nutrient product designed for use in foliar applications to crops, or for adding to liquid fertilizer system. In conjunction with the marine ingredients, it contains the race minerals recognized as being essential for plant growth.


Guaranteed Analysis
Iron (Fe) .10%
Manganese (Mn) .05%
Zinc (Zn) .05%
Copper (Cu) .05%
Boron (B) .02%
Molybdenum (Mo) .0008%
Ingredients: Fish solubles, Kelp, Water, Phosphoric Acid.

Liquid Fertrell 3 can be used effectively as a foliar fertilizer supplement: when spraying on young crops to promote strong early growth, to restore vitality to crops damaged by use of herbicides and to provide supplemental nutrition at the time budding, pod formation and fruiting. Also, it may be added to irrigation water or as a supplement in any type of liquid fertilizer system.

Use 1-3 Tblsp./gal. of water, or
1 gallon per 100-200 gallons of water, depending on frequency of application.

For best efficiency when used as a foliar fertilizer, apply in the morning and evening hours when the leaves are receptive to foliar feeding. Do not apply during the heat of the day when the pores of the leaves are closed. Spray evenly on the foliage.

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