Ginesis Natural Shampoo, 16 oz.

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  • All natural ingredients
  • Healing oil
  • No emulsifying chemicals

Ginesis Natural Shampoo 

Ginesis Shampoo is a product made from only the highest quality natural ingredients.But...this is only the beginning!

This shampoo and conditioning product contain a natural healing oil that eliminates the need for harmful emulsifying chemicals found in most other shampoos. (An emulsifier is needed to allow all other ingredients to blend together.) The extract from this plant allows Ginesis to maintain the only shampoo that we know about to have a truly all-natural emulsifier. Theberry from the cotyledon plant is found only in South America and is one of the ingredients that make the Ginesis shampoo so unique. In addition, the NATURAL glycerine, the hops, the carrot extract and all of the other ingredients are tracked down all over the world to obtain the finest quality of each item in Ginesis products! Also the peppermint used comes from China and is said to be the finest available.

Ginesis Shampoo DOES NOT use sodium laurel sulfate or propylene glycol! Other shampoos use one or both of these petroleum based chemicals as their emulsifiers. Read the label of other brands of shampoo, regardless of price, and you will find sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol or sodium laureth sulfate included in their product.

Ginesis Shampoo is truly an all natural shampoo including the world's first emulsifier made by nature instead of man-made chemicals. Start using Ginesis Shampoo and Conditioner today and clean your hair the all-natural way.


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