GooseBuster, 4 speakers, 7 acres coverage

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  • Sonic Goose Repellent System
  • Developed with Decades of Research
  • Eliminates Goose Problems
  • Money-Back Guarantee <

GooseBuster repels canadian geese, mallards, coots, gulls, heron, egrets, cormorants, and all other ducks and geese.

What's so special about GooseBuster?

Actual alert and alarm calls recorded in the wild. GooseBuster is the first and only repeller to use actual alert and alarm calls of Canada geese, recorded under natural conditions. Geese recognize these calls and respond instinctively( to 'alert' calls indicating uneasiness about potential danger and 'alarm' calls signifying immediate danger). Reacting to either, they evacuate instantly, without waiting to identify the source.

Different calls in random combinations. GooseBuster broadcasts its calls in random combinations. Calls differ in frequency, duration and intervals. Sound combinations, sequences and speaker selection change randomly, leading geese to perceive many birds many locations.

The scientist behind GooseBuster has further improved the technology by including "gunshot" and "coyote" options. GooseBuster's gunshots and coyote sounds are true-to-life --far more realistic, from a goose's point of view, than any recordings commonly available.

Cutting-edge research shows that animals' brains respond to pain and terror by embedding the circumstances (sounds, sights and sensations) of an original terror situation, setting off a fresh wholesale "terror" response when they encounter similar circumstances. In one study, shot pellets were found in the breast muscles of 40% of the adult geese sampled. These geese have therefore felt the pain and heard the sounds associated with gunshots. When they reencounter that sound they will leave in panic, and their flockmates will follow.

GooseBuster will help a property owner avoid the unsightly mess, health dangers and contamination from goose droppings, plus money spent fixing the ravaged property at golf courses, ponds, parks, schools, hospitals, resorts, corporate landscapes, residential complexes and lakes.

GooseBuster includes: a control unit, four directional speakers with 100' cords and a 24 hour timer, and covers up to 7 acres (21 acres with just two units).

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