Granular Humates, 25kg

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Soil humus is important in garden and crop production

Application will help to compensate for lost productivity that

Soil humus is so important in garden and crop production that the necessity of maintaining adequate concentrations of it in productive soils has been recognized and emphasized for many years. Agronomic research has proclaimed the value of humic substances since at least the early 1930?s.

Application of Granular Humate Soil Conditioner to almost any type of crop will help to compensate for lost productivity that occurs with soil humus losses, and will help to speed the process of building up necessary reserves of humus in agricultural soils under good management.

Granular Humate Soil Conditioner is weathered sub-bituminous coal (humalite), mined in Alberta, Canada and is similar to weathered lignite (leonardite), improving depleted soil conditions by replacing and compensating for carbon and mineral loss. Granular Humate encourages microbiological activity in soil and reduces the need for nitrogen supplementation by up to 50%. The cumulative effects should be better germination, crop formation, and yields. Granular Humate increases a plant's ability to survive in its environment.

Alberta humalite is a highly oxidized naturally occurring organic material that has the lowest ash content at 11%, and the highest humic acid content at 83%, of all humates mined in North America. It is screened to a dust-free consistency and packaged in 25 kg. bags (55 lbs.).

Density: 49 lbs. per cubic ft.

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