Havahart Snake Shield, 4 lbs., 6/case

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  • Sweeney's Snake Repellent emits a sweet, pungent aroma that snakes find distasteful, causing them to leave the area.
  • Safe for vegetabl

Havahart Snake Shield is a blend of sulfur and natural essential oils that will safely repel snakes without harming the snake, plants, pets or your family.

Snakes are very cautious animals. They gather chemical signals from the atmosphere and the highly specialized Jacobsen's organ sends signals to the brain to help a snake navigate it’s environment. Snake Shield contains active ingredients offensive to snakes that trigger a natural and harmless flight response, safely keeping snakes away from the home, yard, campsite, cabins, garages, woodpiles and more.

To apply, lightly sprinkle Havahart Snake Shield around or next to the area you want to protect in a band about 8 inches wide. This product may also be used around the periphery of gardens. 

Use in Spring, Summer, and Fall when you expect temperatures to promote unwanted snake activity in the target area. Do not water in the product after application. Reapply product after heavy rains?.

For outdoor use only. Do not apply directly to food crops intended for consumption. For food crops, apply protective band around periphery of garden.

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