Insect Inn Ultra One (220V)

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Insect Inn Ultra One
Single Lamp

Paraclipse Insect Inn Ultra


  • Cartridge Holds 10 times the capacity of glue boards
  • Environmentally safe - no scattering of zapped fly parts or sprayed chemicals
  • Meets USDA & FDA guidelines
  • Exclusive auto advancing 60 day cartridge system
  • Specially engineered reflective top shell that directs UV light out and down, to increase overall effectiveness.
  • Audible alert when cartridge needs replacing
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflector that increases the outward reflective power of UV lamp which draws flies from a greater distance
  • Unit can be used on any color wall for maximum effectiveness.
  • Very attractive cover that can be easily painted to fit any decor (refer to FAQ page)
  • Durable, strong, and light weight
  • Easy to clean surface


  • Sanitary handling for the disposal of flies. The auto advancing cartridge system rolls the trapped flies inside the cartridge so you never handle the fly covered trapping surfaceCartridge
  • Eliminates large quantities of flies, over 2000.
  • Continuously auto advancing cartridge that provides fresh attractants and a new catch surface daily
  • Effective attraction of flying insects already inside the building
  • Lures flying insects onto trapping surface - keeps them trapped
  • Effective flying insect control that doesn't make extra work for you or your staff


      Single Lamp
      Model (USA) Model
    250501 250503
    Dimensions 18.5" x 15.25" x 6.75" 18.5" x 15.25" x 6.75"
    Shipping Weight 8 lbs. 8 lbs.
    Electrical 115/120V 50/60 Hz,
    6 foot Cord
    220/240V 50/60 Hz
    Attraction Range
    (line of sight)
    600 - 800 square feet 600 - 800 square feet
    Cartridge Surface Area  584 square inches 584 square inches
    Cartridge Life 60 days 60 days
    Lamp Life approximately 6 months approximately 6 months
    Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp 22 Watts  
    360 - 380 nm
    22 Watts 
    360 - 380 nm
    Dimensions of Cartridge Surface 146" x 4" 146" x 4"
    Maximum Capacity over 2000 flies over 2000 flies
    High Impact Polystyrene High Impact Polystyrene
    Buffet Bakery Legends

    Important: UV lamp(s) become ineffective for catching flies after approximately 6 months of use and must be replaced - even though they appear functional

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