Japanese Beetle Killer, 32 oz RTU, 12/case

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  • Ready-to-Use
  • Natural Pyrethrum Spray
  • May be used inside, outdoors or in greenhouses throughout the growing s

Bonide Japanese Beetle Killer
Insecticide - Ready-to-Use

Japanese Beetle Killer is a natural pyrethrum spray for quick and easy kill of Japanese Beetles. It comes in a 32 oz Ready to Use trigger sprayer.

Shake well before using. Turn nozzle of sprayer to "spray" or "stream" position. Prime sprayer by pumping trigger. Hold trigger sprayer 18 to 24 inches from foliage or surfaces being treated. Direct spray so that upper and lower surfaces are contacted. Use caution on new growth and tender foliage. Spray water through sprayer after each use. Sprayer should be rinsed thoroughly and pumped empty for storage. Set nozzle to closed position.

Japanese Beetle Killer may be used inside, outdoors or in greenhouses throughout the growing season. Repeat treatment weekly or as needed to control infestations.

Japanese Beetle Killer will help control:

  • Asian lady beetles
  • Asparagus beetles
  • Aphids
  • Blister beetles
  • Cabbage loopers
  • Colorado potato beetles
  • Cross-striped cabbage worms
  • Imported cabbage worms
  • 12-Spotted cucumber beetles
  • Diamondback moth larvae
  • Fireworms
  • Green peach aphids
  • Harlequin bugs
  • Leafhoppers
  • Leaftiers
  • Mexican bean beetles
  • Stink bugs
  • Webworms
  • Whiteflies

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