Jecta, Diffusible Boracide, 300cc, 6/case

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  • Diffusible boracide.
  • Eliminate and protect the wood from subterranean termites and decay fungi.
  • Termiticide

Diffusable Boracide

JECTA? diffusable boracide is an effective termiticide to treat the wood which comes in contact with the ground or soil. Water passing through the ground will eventually extract conventional termiticides limiting the duration of control. Injecting JECTA? into the wood will eliminate and protect the wood from subterranean termites and decay fungi.

JECTA is designed for application to wood by injection into voids, cracks, pre-drilled holes or injection sleeves. JECTA can be injected through any wood surface coating. Injection sites may be staggered, linear, or in an angled pattern. JECTA should be injected throughout the infested area and for at least 6 inches on either side of wood showing signs of infestation.

JECTAInjection holes should be spaced at even intervals throughout the infested area to provide the best distribution of JECTA. Drill holes at a downward angle to help retain the liquid in place while sealing hole. Do not exceed 24 inch spacing between holes.

APPLICATION SITES: Use JECTA in areas where wood decay or termites are present or in high risk areas vulnerable to infestation, such as wood that remains moist or is subject to frequent wetting, or wood which is in contact with the ground or soil. Examples include: Flooring and Foundation Systems, Window and Door Framing and Headers, Exterior Steps, Porches and Decks, Roof Trim and Soffits, Attics and Roofing, Garages, Fence Posts, Pilings, Piers, Log Construction, Utility Poles, Railroad Ties (Sleepers).
10 oz = 295 cc (application tables are stated in cubic centimeters)

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