KoolScapes, 84 gal Pond Kit

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  • This Kit includes everything you need to construct a beautiful, low maintenance water garden.

KoolScapes, 84 gal Pond Kit

The popularity of backyard ponds continues to grow at a vigorous pace. This Kit includes everything you need to construct a beautiful, low maintenance water garden.

With the proper care and maintenance this pond will last a very long time and look more beautiful with each year.

This Kit includes:
? 6ft x 6ft non-toxic Pond Liner
? 200gph Filter-free Pump
(with protective shell)
? Water-bell Fountain Head
? 3-tier Fountain Head
? Telescopic Riser
? 2 Silk Water Lilies
? Installation Manual

? Pump Voltage: 110V
? Pump Capacity: 200 gallons/hour
? Pump Power Consumption: 12W
? Pump cULus: E 204083

You Will Need:

Care and Maintenance
Simple steps can be taken to ensure a long life from your pond. Clean your pump regularly to prevent build up. If your pump stops working, unplug it and take it out of the pond. Follow the care instructions given in your pump kit box. If there is a lot of calcium build up on your pump it may stop working. To clean, simply place the pump motor (remove attachments) in vinegar water then plug it in. Let the pump run for about 30 seconds. Once cleaned rinse your pump with water and place back in pond.

Getting ready for winter may seem like an arduous task, but if the right steps are taken it can be very beneficial to your pond and any life within it. During the fall months the pond should be kept free from fallen leaves and other debris that may cause harmful toxins in your pond. Once the temperature reaches 43øF (6øC) outside, it is time to winterize your pond. The first step is to remove any submersible pumps and clean them for winter storage. If you have fish the next step is to add a Pond Breather or Floating Pond Heater to circulate oxygen and release toxic gases. After the pond has been winterized and the ice has formed, there isn't much work to be done during the winter months. The fish will naturally go to deeper depths of the pond where the water is warmer and require no feeding during these cold months. Never allow water to freeze in the pump.

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