Large Cahaba Snake Trap, 8/case

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  • Innovative way to catch snakes, rodents, lizards and insects
  • Made of Reusable Commercial Outdoor Plastic

The Cahaba Snake Trap is the only reusable snake trap currently in production.

A new innovative way to catch snakes. Safe and Reusable. It works 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This trap can be used in and around homes, lake homes, boat houses, hunting lodges, vacation homes, barns, garages, decks, pools, flowerbeds, gardens, around fish ponds and almost any place snakes have been seen.

It even works in the rain and it is safe for children and pets. Also this trap will catch rodents, lizards and insects. It is very good in catching Brown Recluse Spiders.

Cahaba Snake Trap is a great way to protect a vacation home you do not visit very often. Remember it works 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Cahaba trap can be used almost any place. Inside or outside. (great for flower beds)

Large Cahaba Snake Trap comes with (1) container and (2) glue inserts. Made of Commercial Outdoor Plastic. (32 x 10 x 2.5)

The inserts, when activated will work for 12 months. When stored properly, they will keep for five years.

Instructions for use:
1 - Peel off release paper. See instructions on back of Cahaba glue insert.
2 - Insert Cahaba glue trap into container midway, with glue side up, leaving 3 inches on each end of container.
3 - Place trap where snakes have been sighted along walls in the house, basements, and drop ceilings. Out side in flowerbeds, carports, and anyplace you have seen snakes.

• To release the snake, first relocate the trap to a remote, shaded location away from the area of capture. Tip the trap, allowing the glue board to slide out to expose the snake, pour liberal amounts of vegetable cooking oil on the snake and on the glue surrounding it. The snake will typically be able to free itself within an hour.
• WD40 Spray Lubricant is very good for quick release if a child or pet gets stuck on a glue pad.
• Using trap outside, place it in a shaded area or cover with leaves or straw.
• For spiders, place trap under furniture, beds and in closet.

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