Lentek Super Bark Free, outdoor use only

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Lentek Super Bark Free

Super Bark Free emits either ultrasonic or audible sound to discourage the dogs from barking and is designed to turn on automatically when barking occurs.


  • Removable cone for directing coverage area in an outdoor environment
  • Battery operated no more cord
  • Audible and ultrasonic frequency settings
  • Multi-bark selector (select 1,2,3, or 4) for activation
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Comes with mounting bracket and pole mount
  • Uses 4 D batteries not included
  • 1 year limited warranty

The Bark Free will automatically train most dogs that barking results in an unpleasant ultrasonic response. This "training" is most effective against boredom barking, and is less effective against territorial behavior or trained behavior. In about 70% of cases, the Bark Free is very effective within 24 hours of being installed. The remaining 30% will vary between taking several days or weeks to train and being very difficult to train.

Sometimes older dogs or breeds with congenital hearing problems are unable to hear the ultrasonic sounds emitted and ignore the Bark Free. This is also true of situations where there are other loud noises close to the Bark Free. The ultrasonic sound emitted may be masked by other noises.

Set the trigger at least the two bark setting, if not 3 or 4. The reason for this is that setting it to one bark will allow sounds like closing a car door, or a screen door or any door for that matter to bang shut and set it off.

The sensitivity control should start out at about the middle range. Maximum sensitivity may cause a even a light breeze to trigger the unit, and too high a sensitivity will allow diesel engines and overhead aircraft to set it off.

The most important thing about these units is to minimize false triggers. False triggers will confuse the animals, and will not teach them the direct cause and effect that this unit was designed to do. If you ever want to listen to exactly how the unit is working, set the Ultrasonic/Audible switch to Audible for a while, or a day or two. This will show you exactly what is triggering the unit.

What Results to Expect:
Properly setting the "Sensitivity" and "Bark Number" switches, to activate the unit only when your dog barks, will help to maintain the "Novel Stimulus" aspect of the Super Bark Free.

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