Milky Spore -Bacillus Popillae, 10 oz. (2500 sq.ft.)

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  • Kills grubs for 15 to 20 years
  • Won't harm beneficial insects, animals, pets or man.
  • Safe for use around wells, ponds and stre

Milky Spore - Bacillus popillae

Milky Spore attacks the larvae of Japanese Beetles. Many consumers don't make the connections between adults beetles that attack roses, grape vines, fruit trees and 150 other pants and their larvae laid in the form of eggs in grass. 1,000 adult beetles can easily deposit fifty thousand eggs, which will hatch into grubs, in your lawn each year. Next summer, the grubs emerge from the soil as adult beetles competing a one year life cycle.

Once established in your lawn, Milky Spore kills the grubs for 15 to 20 years. Each grub that dies from Milky Spore decays and releases three billion new spore. Once all of the grubs are destroyed, the spore will remain dormant but viable in the soil until new grubs come along even years later.

Won't harm beneficial insects, animals, pets or man. Safe for use around wells, ponds and streams. Harmless to bird, bees and fish.

STANDARD POWDER: Apply in a checkerboard pattern throughout lawn area. For treating large grassy areas, use a Milky Spore Dispenser tube.

High quality milky spore powder, containing the bacteria Bacillus popillae. Milky spore powder inoculates an area of turf and can control Japanese Beetle grubs (Popillia japonica) for decades. The milky spore bacteria infects and then multiplies within the grub host. When the larva dies the disease is spread to surrounding areas of the lawn or garden. The spores produced in a host are almost invulnerable to climatic conditions and can spend years in the soil waiting to infect other grubs. For best results, apply when soil is warm.

Coverage Area
10 oz. 2500 sq.ft.
40 oz. 1/4 acre
50 lbs. 5 acre

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