Minute Pirate Bug - Orius sp. (bottle) - 500

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  • Tiny predators, approximately 3 mm in length 
  • Effective against thrips, mites, aphids, and small caterpillars.
  • Thrive in

These tiny predators, approximately 3 mm in length, are effective against thrips, mites, aphids, and small caterpillars. They are shipped as adults and can be released by simply opening the container or placing them on individual plants with a small paintbrush. Only release if there is a food source (pests or pollen). Adult Minute Pirate Bugs live for 3 - 4 weeks and lay their eggs in plant tissue. The nymphs emerge in 4 - 5 days and become adults in 7 - 10 days

Greenhouse Release:1 Orius per 1 - 2 plants or 4 - 5 per plant in hot spots. Repeat release 2 weeks later. General Release: 100 - 2,000 per acre. Allow 3 - 4 weeks for thrips control. Orius thrive in typical greenhouse temperatures and humidities. They also work great outdoors. 

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