Monterey Yellow Sticky Traps, 5/pkg, 12/case

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Monterey Yellow Sticky Traps

These 4" x 6" double-sided Yellow Sticky Traps are excellent tools for precision monitoring of flying insects. You can measure the success of your pest management program and rapidly detect invasions and outbreaks.


  • Controls insects without any insecticide.
  • Attracts insects by color.
  • For use on vegetables, fruit trees, and ornamentals to monitor and trap insects.
  • These traps are ready to use, moisture resistant, non-toxic, and pesticide free.
  • 5 Sticky Traps & 5 Hangers Per Box
  • The "no-spray" way to remove destructive insects easily and effectively!

    What are Yellow Sticky Traps?
    These are yellow cardboard traps painted with glue that attracts the insects that then get stuck to the glue. Insect traps are used two ways; mass trapping to be used in place of insecticides or as a monitoring device to determine when to begin a spray program. The yellow colored traps attract insects. 

    How do I use the Yellow Sticky Traps?
    These are used to remove flying insects from your ornamentals, vegetables, or fruit trees. For normal use, place 1 trap per 1,000 square feet and replace the trap when it become full of insects. In case of heavy infestations, use 2 traps per 1,000 square feet.

    These are ideal for people that don't want to spray in the garden. The traps are pesticide free, ready to use, long lasting and moisture resistant. You can control whiteflies, aphids, and numerous other flying insects.

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