Natural Enemy Lifesize Great Horned Owl

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6 Owls per Case
Hand-painted for maximum realism and effectiveness

16" hand-painted Lifesized Owl helps protect gardens, fruit trees, berries, grapes and strawberry beds from birds and other pests, while adding charm to any garden. Made of high density polyethylene.

For Best Results:

  • Place Owl before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop
  • Place Owl in a prominent position so birds can see it
  • For continuous effectiveness, move Owl around garden every few days
  • Store indoors when season is over to prevent pests from getting used to it

Important tips:
For Gardens, Berry Bushes, Grapevines:

  • Mount Owl on top of a tall pole and drive pole firmly in the ground
  • Move Owl every few days

For Protecting Fruit Trees:

  • Tie String to built-in hook and hang Owl from tree limb so it is clearly visible

For Rooftops and Ledges:

  • Secure Owl with string or strong adhesive
  • Owl can be filled with sand or gravel for more stability (use enclosed stopper)

For Gardens, Berry Bushes, Grapevines:

  • Tie string to built-in hook and hang, allowing Owl to move freely with the wind

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