Nature's Humic Acid,12%, 5 gal.

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Nature's Humic Acid
From Leonardite Ore

Liquid humic acid is a cost-effective way to add humus to your soil. Humic acid increases the efficiency of your fertilizers, transforms insoluble nutrients into useable ones, retards pathogenic fungi build-up, and stimulates microbial activity. 

This 100% natural, extract from leonardite ore deposits is applied as a foliar. For indoor or potted plants, use 1 tsp./qt water; For veggies, flowers, shrubs and trees, apply with a hose-end sprayer, 1 qt/5,000 sq. ft; For lawns, 1 qt./5,000 sq. ft. twice yearly; For large acreage, 1 gal/20 gal water/acre.

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