Perma-Guard Grain Storage D-10, 50 lbs.

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  • D-10 kills in nine ways, all physical, but the primary cause of insect death is from dehydration.
  • The most effective protection will b

Perma-Guard Grain Storage D-10

Perma-Guard D-10 Grain or Seed Storage insecticide is refined from a fresh water Diatomaceous Earth of a particular variety, and has a very high level of purity. Insect control by this material is of a physical nature, not chemical. D-10 kills in nine ways, all physical, but the primary cause of insect death is from dehydration.

The success of Perma-Guard D-10 system of protecting grains or seeds from insect damage depends upon lightly coating the outside surface of substantially all kemels with this powder. The most effective protection will be achieved if grain or seed are treated immediately after harvest. For best results, the moisture content of the grain or seed to be treated should be adjusted to no more than about 12% by weight. After treatment the grain or seed should be stored in bulk at a temperature above that required to hatch insect eggs which may be present for a period of time to hatch all insect eggs on the grain or seed.

Directions for use:

For Commercial Applications:
Using standard milling equipment apply seven (7) pounds of this powder directly into each ton of clean, dry grain or seed to be treated and mix thoroughly.
A Perma-Guard dispenser consisting of a hopper and variable rate feeder may be used to apply the powder directly onto the grain either at the bottom of an elevator leg or as it is being moved into storage by auger or conveyor belt.

For Home Applications:
Apply one measuring cupful (2 1/2 ounces by weight) of this material to each 25 pounds of grain to be treated. Mix thoroughly. A pail or other container can be used for mixing. Place grain about three inches deep into container. Sprinkle light coating of this powder over the grain. Repeat process until container is almost filled with grain. Place lid on container. Roll or shake container until powder is thoroughly mixed with the grain. Make sure a very light coating of this powder covers surfaces of substantially all kemels. Pour treated grain into a clean, dry container for storage. An air tight seal will aid in keeping moisture out of the grain. Grain should be stored in a cool dry storage area.

EPA Registration No. 67197-1

Diatomaceous Earth
(including silicon dioxide, other oxides and moisture)

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