Phytoseiulus persimilis - 2,000

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  • Our most popular mite control
  • For tomatoes and cucumbers, greenhouse crops, tropical plants, bedding plants, and large agri-business

Our most popular mite control

Two-spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) and several other pest mites are the target food of P. persimilis, which will consume 5-10 pest adults or up to 20 pest eggs/day. When released during a low infestation, spider mites can be controlled within 2-3 weeks. P. persimilis need a relative humidity greater than 60% in order to survive, especially in the egg stage. Once the adults' food supply dwindles, P. persimilis die. If reinfestation occurs, P. persimilis must be reintroduced, preferably every 3-5 weeks, or in combination with either G. occidentalis or N. californicus.

Release rates: 
for tomatoes and cucumbers, 1 predator/plant plus 1-2/infested leaf; 
for other greenhouse crops and tropical plants, 2,000/3,000 sq. ft; 
for bedding plants, 1,000/10,000 sq. ft.; 
for large agri-business, 5,000-20,000/acre depending on infestation.
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