Tenodera egg case hatching
Tenodera egg case hatching

Praying Mantid Egg Cases

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  • Poster Child of Beneficial insects. 
  • Insects, insect eggs and mites are the preferred diet of the Praying mantis

Praying Mantid
Tenodera aridifolia sinensis
(Praying Mantis)

Insects, insect eggs and mites are the preferred diet of these general predators. Praying mantids are shipped as egg cases (ootheca), each of which should produce 100-200 baby mantids.

Optimal conditions for hatching are 40% to 95% humidity and a temperature of 70°F to 90°F. Release rate: Place 3 cases per 5,000 square feet or 10 to 100 cases per year per acre. Attach the cases on twigs, leaves, fences, or the crotch of a bush or tree. Do not place on the ground as they are easy prey for ants.

Begin outdoor releases early spring. Praying mantids can be used in conjunction with other beneficial insects. They should be hatched by July 31 for best results.

Note: Praying mantids may eat other beneficial insects if they venture within reach; however, they will not eat ladybugs because they are not very tasty.

General Availability: Late January through July; call or write for availability during off-season.

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