REOTEMP Backyard Moisture Meter, 17 inch

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REOTEMP's Backyard Moisture Meter with a 17" stem is a designed for monitoring relative moisture in a backyard sized compost pile. 

  • 17" stem
  • Power source: one AAA battery (batteries included)
  • Easy to calibrate for any compost or soil type
  • Perfect for municipal workshops & programs
  • 0-10 scale 

Soil moisture is measured by inserting the probe into the soil at each location to be tested. The unit is sensitive only at the tip, therefore the reading obtained on the meter indicates the amount of moisture only at the probe tip. Now you can determine the moisture condition of your compost without having to remove any mulch or soil. Just insert the probe directly into the compost. Instantly, your MOISTURE METER will give you an accurate reading of moisture content. 

CALIBRATION: It is quite important that the calibration of the unit is performed in the same compost composition and location as that in which it will be used. Take a sample of compost which is already at your ideal moisture content, this will vary depending on what your needs are. Remove the black plug located on the back of the unit. Then insert the moisture meter so that the tip is in the center of your sample. Place a small screwdriver in the adjustment slot and adjust to a reading of "5" on the 0-10 scale. 

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