Red Scale Parasite- Aphytis melinus - 20,000

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  • California Red Scale
  • Aphytis Melinus
  • Parasitic Wasps

Red Scale Parasite
(Aphytis melinus)

California red scale is the favorite prey of these parasitic wasps, although citrus red scale, oleander scale, San Jose scale, ivy scale, and citrus yellow scale are other prey. Aphytis are shipped as adults, and the adult females lay their eggs in red scale. The larvae consume their host, and each A. melinus kills more than 30 scale insects. The adult parasites live approximately 26 days and will also dine on honeydew. Ideal conditions for control are 76-85 degrees F, relative humidity 40-50 percent. Release rates: 1-2 wasps per sq. ft, weekly; three applications usually required.

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