IPM and Biocontrol News resources - News from around the world regarding the use of biocontrol agents, Integrated Pest Management, pesticide reports

Pesticide Education Project - particularly concerned with pesticide residues in food, protection of valuable ground water resources, prevention of involuntary exposure to toxic pesticides and promotion of environmentally sound, healthy and sustainable use of our human and natural resources.

IPM ACCESS - Integrated Pest Management Information Service - Forums and Files for Urban IPM, Ornamental Landscapes, Right of Ways, Structural Facilities, Home Farms and Gardens.

OSU Integrated Pest Management Resource Guide - Quickly find your way to thousands of Internet information resources on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with DIR, 'Database of IPM Resources'.

Compendium of IPM Definitions - A searchable database of over 60 IPM Definitions and their Citations in the Worldwide IPM Literature. CID includes a preamble describing brief history, evolution and current concepts of IPM.

International Pest Management Institute

Howard Garrett - The Doctor of Dirt

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