Regalia Biofungicide, gallon

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Improves the crop’s tolerance to stress

Inhibits fungal and bacterial diseases

Increases yield and profit on every acre

Increase crop performance and activate natural disease defenses

Regalia® biofungicide improves the crop’s tolerance to stress by enhancing overall plant health. Regalia boosts a plant’s natural ability to resist diseases and deliver increased yield and harvest quality. Regalia biofungicide stimulates preventative biological activity to naturally control yield-robbing diseases.

Regalia’s unique Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) brings a sustainable option to simplify and extend any IPM program.

Regalia can be used in rotation with or in combination with other fungicides to strengthen IPM programs and to help manage resistance in organic & conventional crops, turf or ornamentals. 

Regalia is recommended for use in specialty crops, and Regalia Rx is for broad-acre row crops such as cereal grains, cotton, forage, peanuts, sorghum and sugar beets. 

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