Scare-Eye Balloon - YELLOW

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Simple, Highly Effective Bird Repellent

Reduce Time & Energy Spent on Cleanup

Bird-X Scare-Eye Balloon

Hang the 2 Foot diameter (16 inch Inflated) Scare-Eye from trees or long poles to scare away flocks of nuisance birds who are repelled by its bright color and the unusual design. The eyes exaggerate the glaring eyes and gaping mouth of a predator bird.

The number of Scare-Eyes to use per acre varies with the species and number of birds. In most cases as few as 6 per acre are effective. Depending on the type of crop or number of birds more Scare-Eyes may be required. Put them out several weeks before you are ready to pick the crop and take them down after harvesting to use again next year. Office building and apartment managers use Scare-Eyes confidently to get rid of pest birds.

Scare-Eyes come in three colors. (yellow, white & black) Research shows maximum effectiveness is obtained by rotating colors. No color should be used more than 3 weeks and the location of the balloon should be changed from time to time to maintain their effectiveness.

Scare Eye? balloons are useful in many applications ? homes, gardens, barns, trees, garages, marinas, doorways, & many more.

Scare-Eyes have been demonstrated to be effective with all species of birds except robins. You no longer have to put up with pest birds. Scare-Eye Balloons are the answer to the control of pest birds.

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