Soil Moist Hydrogel Granules, 1 lb

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Water Storing Hydrogel Granules
"...Bridge To Next Irrigation or Rain"

Soil Moist is a synthetic acrylic polyacrylamide with a potassium salt base. It is a safe, non-toxic polymer used in all horticultural applications. When used according to the application rates, Soil Moist can reduce irrigation frequency by 50% and last 3 - 5 years in the soil.

Soil Moist hydrogel copolymers increase water holding capacity of potting media by 50% to 100% or more, depending on the type of media, the quality of water and the amount of applied fertilizer. The hydrogel releases 95% of its stored water to growing plants. 

Increased water supply enhances germination and reduces the relative water loss by evaporation and drainage. It is neutral in pH and is non-toxic. Soil Moist reduces the amount of fertilizer lost through drainage, consequently reducing the amount of applied fertilizer by 25% to 50%.

Soil Moist's innovative technology allows you to use it two ways: pre-moistened (hydrated) or dry (granular). Pre-moistened, you may use your favorite water soluble fertilizer so your plants can immediately benefit form Hydrogel's water and nutrient storing power; allowing for more uniform mixing and proper application. Turns ordinary soil or even sand into a quality potting soil.

Specialty applications: lawns, landscaping, bedding areas and other large scale installations, hanging baskets, bare root trees and shrubs, tree/shrub transplanting, seed germination. 

Lawn, Turf, Flower beds & Gardens: 5-6 lbs per 1000 sq ft. 
Transplanting: 1/2 oz per 4" rootball, 1 oz per 8" rootball
Containers: 1/2 oz per gallon, 2 oz per 10 gallons

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