St. Gabriel Moss Killer, 1 gal. conc.

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St. Gabriel Moss Killer

St. Gabriel Moss Killer is made from plant oils. It removes moss build-up on brick patios, sidewalks, etc 

For best results, apply MOSS KILLER just prior to the time when fall rains begin or in early spring. Moss growth can occur in nearly any location where dampness persists. Such areas include decks, steps, patios and fences. Moisture is essential for moss growth, therefore, most moss growth appears during the fall; some occurs in the winter and spring. Very little moss forms in summertime. Controlling moss may add months or years of service to decks, fences, steps amd such areas, and can keep walkways and steps from becoming slippery and dangerous. Destroying existing moss is done most effectively during times when its growth is most rapid and when rain is not expected for several days.

St. Gabriel Moss Killer Concentrate:
Fill the spray tank 1/2 full with water and start agitation system if applicable. Add the desired amount of Moss Killer concentrate at a 3:1 mixing ratio. (Three parts water to one part Moss Killer)

Once in suspension, occasional agitation is recommended for best results.

BROADCAST APPLICATIONS: Spray Moss Killer to run-off using tank or backpack sprayers, typically 35-75 gallons of spray solution per acre.

BAND APPLICATIONS: Using trigger sprayers, cover moss, as needed, typically 25-50 gallons of spray solution per acre.

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