Trichogramma minutum, 1 Card (30 sq )

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  • Prevent Worm Pests Before Plants Are Damaged
  • Moth egg parasite
  • Begin to release Trichogramma at first flight of moths and ever

Trichogramma sp.
Moth Egg Parasite

Trichogramma are tiny wasps that prey on the eggs of more than 200 pests, including borers, webworms, loopers, leafworms, fruitworms, cutworms, codling moth, bollworms, and armyworms. The wasps lay their eggs in the pest eggs, killing them. The adult wasps emerge anywhere from 7 to 75 days, depending on temperature and moisture.

Begin to release Trichogramma at first flight of moths and every 7-10 days thereafter until infestation subsides. Release rates: 12,000/500 sq. ft.; 40,000-200,000/acre weekly for 2-6 weeks. Trichogramma are shipped on cards that look like sandpaper; each square on the card contains 3,000-5,000 Trichogramma eggs, depending on the species ordered. Place the squares where moths are seen; keep cards out of direct sunlight. Choose the species that suits your needs. Availability: year-round.

T. minutum--for ornamentals, orchards, and grapes east of the Rockies; 1 card = 120,000 eggs

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