Waste Water Digester (liquid), gallon

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  • Waste digester
  • Degrade Insoluble Liquids

Strata Waste Digester - more info
"Waste Water Treatment"

Liquid Degradation

Insoluble lipids such as greases, fats and oil constitute 25 to 52% of the organic matter in domestic sewage. Insoluble, long chain fatty acids accumulate within activated sludge treatment plants due to the inability of resident micro-organisms to degrade various synthetic surfactants and fats within the process time. Solid grease is skimmed from clarifiers and pumped directly to anaerobic liquefaction and degradation. Aerobic digestion produces floating mats of this compacted grease, layers two to eight feet thick, thus resulting in digester malfunction. Waste Digester contains lipase enzymes and natural occurring bacteria which secrete significant amounts of lipase enzymes, which split fats, grease and oils for rapid digestion. Daily use of Waste Digester, metered into activated sludge systems, reduces the emulsified and concerted grease solids, thereby eliminating digester "cakes" or matting. In lift stations and gathering lines, it reduces grease and scum build-up, as well as odors.

Suggested Feed Areas - To Treat Lift Stations & Collection Lines

Apply Waste Digester at the lift station farthest from the plant. Waste Digester can be applied to the system manually or preferably by using a feeder. If the feeder is used, an electrically or battery operated metering pump can be set to feed the product into the system. The product will then digest waste and grease organics both in the station as well as down line. Approved by the city of San Diego, CA for use in their sewer system.

To Treat Areas Inside the Municipal Plant

Apply Waste Digester to influent lines to aerobic secondary or the beginning of the biological wastewater treatment process. As in the lift stations, a voluntary feeder can be used to automatically dispense the required amount of product over a 24-hour period, thus allowing operators to balance the overall plant system more easily. Waste Digester is sold in 12 oz jars, gallon bottles, 25 pound pails, 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums!

Please contact us for the MSDS sheet. All of our products are non hazardous and non chemical.

Also, through our team of engineers, we are able to design and build any type of wastewater treatment plant.

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