Windrow Thermometer, 48 inch, 1/4 in dia, bottom connect 0-250 F

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REOTEMP Windrow Thermometers

The REOTEMP Windrow thermometers are ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of a large compost bins or windrows.The clear, easy-to-read dial, with the pointer directly driven by the sensitive bi-metal helix in the bottom of the stem, gives an accurate reading every time. Used by composters everywhere for waste disposal, recycling, mushroom growing, etc.  

Heat is an essential element in the production of good compost. The temperature reading tells you when to add water, turn the pile and when it is ready to use. If the compost is too hot, it can kill microorganisms that are essential to proper conversion of compost materials to humus. If the compost temperature is too cold microbial activity is reduced, weed seeds and disease pathogens are not destroyed, and your compost can take a very long time to mature.

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