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  • Decontaminates plant tissue of harmful organic elements without damaging delicate plant tissue or flowers.
  • Can be used within greenhou

Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide

ZeroTol is a revolutionary horticultural technology that offers a new tool in the deterrence of horticultural diseases caused by microorganisms and their spores. When used as an ongoing preventative program, ZeroTol can help clean your facility and plants of problems associated with phytopathogenic organisms.

ZeroTol is a non-toxic fungicide/bactericide/viricide that functions differently than other products. Instead of coating plant tissues with chemical toxins, ZeroTol oxidizes fungi (including spores), bacteria and viruses on contact thereby preventing infection. Leaves no residue. Application rate: 50-300 parts water/1 part concentrate.

General Use Information
ZeroTol works by surface contact with the plants and materials being treated. It is important to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly wetted. ZeroTol does not produce any visible residue, distinct odor or deleterious effects to plants when used in accordance with label directions.

Treats / Controls / Prevents: Algae - Anthracnose - Brown Patch - Black Spot - Botrytis - Copper Spot - Dollar Spot - Downy Mildew - Fairy Ring - Fusarium - Leaf Spot - Pink Snow Mold - Psuedomonas - Pythium - Phytophthora - Powdery Mildew - Rhizoctonia - Rust - Scab - Slime Molds - Smut - Summer Patch - Thielaviopsis - Wilts & Blights - and other plant pathogenic fungal and bacterial spores.

May be used as a fungicide on: Bedding plants, Flowering plants, Roses, Poinsettia, Ornamentals, Nursery stock, Trees, Turf, Cut flowers, Bulbs, Cuttings, Seedlings and Seeds.

May be used as a fungicide and algaecide on: greenhouse structures, benches, pots, watering systems, evaporative coolers, storage rooms, ventilation equipment, floors and other equipment.

Solution Preparation: ZeroTol works best when diluted with water containing low levels of organic or inorganic materials. Thoroughly rinse out mixing tank with water before mixing concentrate. ZeroTol will readily mix with clean water and does not require agitation.
ZeroTol should not be combined or mixed with any other pesticides.

Due to special packaging requirements, ZeroTol will ship separately from other items ordered.

Note: ZeroTol is subject a $22.50 Hazardous Materials charge per shipment per unit.

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